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An offer you cannot refuse…or is it?

After the initial delight of getting an offer – and possibly euphoria, if you’ve been unemployed or deeply unhappy in your current role – hit ‘pause’! Take time to thoroughly assess the pros and cons. This may be a key moment in your career in insurance or financial services, so don’t rush. Here are some tips to help you handle it:

Attitude of gratitude

Express your thanks to the recruiter for the opportunity and reiterate your interest in the position. Demonstrating positivity and appreciation will underline that you are serious about the role.

It’s the final countdown

Clarify the timing within which you are required to respond. If you think you will need more time, be confident and ask for it.

For your consideration…

Consider all aspects of the package on offer. In addition to the salary, examine carefully the entire compensation package. Does it reflect what you would expect from the insurance and financial services sector for similar roles?

Also think about the impact the job will have on your lifestyle. Changes to evaluate carefully include a longer commute, more traveling, longer hours or a significantly different work culture.

“See what condition my condition was in…”

Be advised that some offers may be conditional, including screening or background checks. If this is the case, you need to know what conditions need to be met for the offer to be effective.

Offers on the spot

Occasionally, you may get the offer immediately or very shortly after the final interview. Flattering as this is, keep a cool head and don’t be rushed into a decision. As with all offers, show enthusiasm and appreciation but explain the need for a little time to process the offer package.

The choice is yours

You have considered the pros and weighed up the cons. If the offer does not entirely match your expectations, you have the option to respond with a counteroffer and embark upon negotiations. (Negotiations and counter offers will be covered in a future blog.)

If you are happy with the offer and wish to accept, then send a polite and professional response in writing. If you have already accepted in person you should still send a written acceptance.

Having weighed up your options, if you decide to reject the offer, you should do so with a polite rejection letter.

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