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We’ll find you exceptional insurance talent

We know recruitment

Our award-winning team add tangible value to every one of our clients, helping you recruit and retain the exceptional and talented insurance professionals you need to grow and beat your competition.

Clients benefit from our unbeatable retention rate 93% still in the role 6 months’ later) – just one of the reasons we won Insurance Recruiter of the Year at the National Insurance Awards 2021.

It’s vital to us that we take time to fully appreciate your needs and goals. We screen rigorously to ensure we only forward for consideration motivated and prepared candidates bringing exactly the skills and experience you need.

Clients appreciate how we simplify and streamline the process, offering a no-fuss, highly responsive and personalised service ethos.

We invest in building a stronger relationship with you: the better we grasp your unique pain points, the more effectively we can resolve them.

We know insurance 

We’re passionate about finding exceptional talent in the insurance sector.

For over 10 years, our team have found the brilliant professionals who have boosted and transformed the fortunes of leading, thriving and fast-growing insurance businesses across the UK.

Members of our team bring significant experience working within the insurance field. We therefore have an intimate understanding of the skills, qualities and temperament you need from candidates.

Competition to recruit the brightest and best is fierce and getting tougher as many different sectors are targeting the same professional talent. This challenge allows us the chance to demonstrate another opportunity to add value: by combining our innate and encyclopaedic knowledge of the insurance sector with our entrepreneurial creativity, we are continually devising ingenious solutions to find and mine fresh new seams of talent.

We know tech

We’re entrepreneurial, creative and innovative, so love leveraging new technology to open up new ways of finding and attracting the people you need.

An exciting, already game-changing development is our bespoke virtual recruitment agent, Aileen. The result of a collaboration with a brilliant coder, Aileen is a distillation of our decades of insurance recruitment expertise and experience, and best practice.

“She” helps candidates forensically narrow down their search criteria, retrieving the latest and most relevant available roles, and booking candidates into first-round screening calls. She can also register candidates for future alerts as soon opportunities go live. Intuitive and user friendly, Aileen:

✔️ Engages with any number of candidates and enquiries at the exact same time (so would be a considerable asset for high volume recruitment campaigns).

✔️ Is active and accessible 24/7.

✔️ Operates fluidly across all main platforms.

If you are interested in finding out about white-label opportunities to create your own branded virtual agent, contact us today.

We champion diversity and inclusion 

Our passion and drive to widen the flow of talent into the insurance sector was one reason why we’ve always championed diversity and inclusion – we believe talent doesn’t discriminate.

We are immersed in the sector so we appreciate the skillsets and qualities employers really need, and we understand the importance of good cultural fit. This means we look past the candidate on paper to spot the untapped skillsets, ability and potential that makes them perfect for roles they hadn’t dreamed of.

We would love to hear from you, our expert consultants are on hand to help + Aileen is online 24/7

We go further

We’ll always seek ways to go that little bit further for you.

There are many added-value services you may need to call upon. We have helped clients successfully with:

✔️ Advising on large-scale advertising campaigns

✔️ Volume recruitment

✔️ Benchmarking

✔️ Executive search

✔️ Traditional contingency

✔️ High-end contingency

✔️ Retained search

✔️ Market mapping

✔️ Permanent solutions

✔️ Team moves

✔️ Recruitment AI technology

We collaborate resourcefully

We enjoy the opportunity to collaborate with other leading organisations who share our passion for the insurance sector, nurturing fantastic talent, and providing exceptional service with pure professionalism and integrity.

For example, we’ve worked with an award-winning provider of insurance training and qualifications, who is helping to open up the profession to hundreds of bright and highly capable young apprentices, and supporting them into leading insurance brands.

We can do exclusivity 

We enjoy an exclusive relationship with a large roster of clients. Depending on your strategic goals, there are many benefits we can offer you as an exclusive client:

✔️ Dedicated talent advisor, streamlining your entire process so it is smooth, quick, hassle-free and cost-effective.

✔️ Aptitude testing.

✔️ Extended screening rounds.

✔️ Branded social media, marketing and advertising campaigns.

If you wish to consider an exclusivity arrangement, we would love to discuss that with you – contact us





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