About us

Who are we?

An award-winning recruitment team, passionate about finding and placing exceptional talent in the insurance sector.

For over 11 years we’ve nurtured the successful careers of thousands of brilliant insurance professionals who have in turn boosted the fortunes of leading, thriving and fast-growing businesses across the UK.

We’re creative and innovative, leveraging exciting new technology to continually enhance our service.

Find your perfect next job

Making the perfect match

We are brilliant at finding exactly the roles you are looking for.
And because we enjoy long-standing deep relationships with so many firms you want to work for, we get first pick of many vacancies before they hit the market. We identify the qualities and skills that qualify you for roles you might not consider yourself.

Enjoy total support

Your future is important to us. Which is why we work hard to level the playing field. Talent transcends all barriers, which is why we ensure you are thoroughly briefed and prepared for each step of the process. Feedback is always provided quickly and constructively.
And you will always be in charge.

Terrific tech

We appreciate that you are probably restricted in your search in terms of timing.
But we really don’t want the perfect opportunity to pass you by.
Which is why we’ve introduced our amazing virtual colleague – Aileen – who is available to help you 24/7.
While the rest of the recruitment industry are clocking off, Aileen is powering up! She will help you narrow down your search across all active vacancies. And when you spot the perfect opportunity, you don’t need to wait until 9am: Aileen can book you a call with our team to get you started.

We find the fresh talent you need to thrive and grow

Immersion in the insurance sector

Recognised by the insurance industry for our excellence and expertise, we are passionate about our chosen sector and are driven to find the exceptional talent businesses like yours need.
Our rigorous screening, developed in close collaboration with you, ensures that you recruit and retain the most motivated and best qualified candidates.

Expertise and excellence

We invest in building deep relationships with our clients. The better we know you and your business, the more exceptional talent we can find for you.
Our knowledge of the sector is encyclopaedic and our passion for being part of your people story is enduring.

Leveraging the possibilities of incredible tech

To enhance our service, we invested in developing our own exceptionally intuitive and effective virtual recruiter: Aileen.
We’ve poured our decades of expertise, knowhow and skills into her.
As a result, Aileen is invaluable to us – but we’d love to share her with valued clients, fully tailored to your brand and unique recruitment needs.
Instantly easy to engage with, users enjoy a seamlessly smooth journey; she’s incredibly agile across multiple platforms; and she finds vacancies and books calls with multiple candidates in real time.

Our team

If you’re a passionate people person with great communication skills who cares about helping candidates up their career ladder, who’s got a strong drive to succeed, who’s a huge self-motivator and a great team player, then we’d love to hear from you.