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Be kind – to yourself

2020 has been an unforgettable year – somewhat ironically, as it is a year many of us would prefer to forget!

A positive side effect of the seismic changes to our work life has been a widespread acknowledgment of the importance of taking care of our personal wellbeing: happier employees are better, more productive employees!

Now we are back in a second national lockdown, anxiety is once again on the rise. We are worried about the possibility of us – or our loved ones – becoming ill, we are worried about job security and we are worried about the impact on the economy. Added to that, many of us are finding working from home isolating and lonely. Those of you who are currently jobhunting or considering a career move might be concerned of the effect of the pandemic on opportunities available to you.

At Insure Recruitment, we take your personal wellbeing very seriously.  We would like to offer you some top tips which our clients and candidates both found helpful during the first lockdown:

  1. Less stick, more carrot

Avoid being so self-critical and berating yourself for every mistake – no matter how big. Celebrate your wins instead – no matter how small.

  1. Ease off the accelerator pedal

Stop pushing yourself so hard. Allow yourself regular intervals to rest and recharge your batteries. You’ll perform better – and you will feel better. Remember what happened to Jack when he only worked and stopped playing?!

  1. Share the load

Stop trying to do it all! Instead, recognise when it is time to ask for help. The old clichés are true: many hands DO make the light work and a burden shared IS a burden halved. Don’t sink under your load – it doesn’t help your colleagues, your employers or you.

If you are jobhunting, then share your worries or queries with us. Even in the current highly challenging environment, we are still successfully helping more and more candidates find their perfect insurance or financial services jobs. Call our friendly and experienced team today on 01483 668700 or email us at With our broad range of expertise and extensive industry knowledge and contacts, we will help you boost your career!

  1. Distract to react

If you find yourself in a mind-blocked cul-de-sac, stop overthinking the problem. Give your frazzled brain a break! Listen to an audiobook or have a two-minute dance-off party for one. Alternatively, try turning your attention temporarily to a totally different task. Then, once you are ready for another go, reattack the previous problem with fresh eyes – and a less weary brain!

  1. Don’t bite off more than you can chew

Be realistic about what you can achieve in one day. Set yourself three achievable goals by the close of play. Anything more will be just gravy!

As life might be a little harder right now, be softer on yourself. 2020 is entering its final month and we are all cheered by the prospects of better health offered by the vaccine developments. We will heal. Our economy will heal and our lives will get back to normal . So, be kind to yourselves and take heart in the words of the wonderful Captain Sir Tom: “Tomorrow WILL be a good day!”


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