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“It was refreshing to deal with Insure Recruitment. I genuinely believed in them.”

Helped insurance sector rising star secure role of a lifetime

Job title: Real Estate Development Executive 

Placed with a leading gobal Insurance Broker

This candidate had been on our radar as an outstanding individual. Until our call, the candidate had never taken any other headhunters forward as he would only consider changing jobs for an exceptional opportunity. When a client approached us with just such an opportunity, we contacted him immediately. As the process progressed, the role evolved into a position tailored uniquely to him. The candidate credits the guidance from Francesca in particular with making this happen.

The candidate particularly praises us as “refreshingly trustworthy” and singles out our ability to deliver. As a branch manager, he had considerable experience of other recruitment consultants, so he is in an excellent position to compare!

Describing our service as “very efficient and professional” throughout the process, the candidate feels he was always properly consulted. The candidate was also grateful for our expert guidance, especially with preparing him “fantastically well” for interview. We made sure the candidate was thoroughly briefed, providing “lots of relevant information” which would best “ensure his understanding and in depth appreciation” of the company.

Giving us full marks for feedback and follow up, which the candidate describes as “instantaneous, positive, constructive and helpful”, The candidate appreciated the feeling of being in control. We went “at the candidates pace”, providing the candidate with timely responses and giving him ample time to respond and prepare.

Overall, the candidate describes Insure Recruitment’s service as, “positive, thorough and trustworthy”. He credits the best aspect of the process as being “the people and the support”. He reserves particular praise for our founder, Francesca: “I bought into her and I believed her.”

We are delighted to see our candidate embark upon his dream role and wish him every further success!

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