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Chasing your dream job? Then avoid these classic candidate no-no’s!

Your friendly and experienced team at Insure Recruitment love helping talented insurance and financial services candidates like you win your perfect next role. We make sure the process is seamless, you are always kept in the loop, and you get feedback and updates as quickly as possible. We also negotiate you the best possible package and we check that you are settling in at your new firm. It’s all part of the stellar service that candidates appreciate.

Occasionally candidates make avoidable mistakes and unfortunate choices which can mean all our efforts are in vain. It is so frustrating – especially when we know that candidate has a real shot. Don’t self-sabotage an unmissable opportunity to boost your career. Avoid our top ten avertible candidate mistakes below and soon you too could be settling into your exciting new dream job.

  1. Being worse for wear

Hard to believe but true. Do we really need to point out that partying the night before you interview for your dream role is a terrible idea? Equally, staying up until the wee hours isn’t a wise move if you want to make a fresh-faced impression. Thankfully this doesn’t happen often…

  1. Being late or missing an interview … because you are in another interview.

We will always ensure your interviews are spaced out enough. Do tell us if you have other interviews either through another agency or through direct application and we avoid timing clashes.

  1. Not communicating feedback

There’s not been an issue arising during a recruitment process that we cannot help a candidate resolve – as long as we were aware of it in time. Always keep us in the loop and feed back on your interviews – especially if something unfortunate occurs. We will help you deal with it quickly in case it might prevent you proceeding to the next stage of the process.

  1. Forgetting

Don’t miss an interview because you forget about it. Set reminders in your phone, iPad – every device you own. Ask Siri or Alexa if you need to! Write reminders in every calendar in boldest flashing neon. Put post-it note reminders everywhere. Get a friend or family member to remind you too!

Sometimes, candidates forget which role they have applied for. We do understand that there may be times when you are applying for so many roles that you might get confused. Just call us or drop us a line and we’ll refresh your memory and help you keep track of them all!

  1. Shabby, unkempt appearance

You have one opportunity to make an excellent impression. So don’t turn up in jeans or hot pants or looking like Worzel Gummidge. And certainly don’t be smelling of cigarette smoke. Not many coworkers warm to the stench of Silk Cut in the office. Be smart and presentable. If you are in doubt about what to wear, ask us. (We’re gentler than Trinny and Susannah!)

  1. Lack of preparation

Interviews are – for many of us – a stressful process. To give yourself the best chance of finding your flow, prepare and run through a few questions in advance – especially the all-important competency ones. We are always happy to help you with this.

Not researching the company you are applying to is one of the fastest ways to indicate your lack of enthusiasm in a role or them, or an unmotivated attitude generally. We will always provide pointers and send you company information. It’s up to you to read it. Your interviewer will find out pretty quickly if you haven’t even glanced at their website or social media sites. That shuffling noise is your application being moved to the bottom of the pile.

  1. Getting the time wrong

Assuming you and the interview are in the same time zone, there’s not much we can say on this one. Always double and triple check the joining instructions we send you. If the date of your interview closely follows the change in the clocks, then makes sure all your clocks are moved in the right direction!

  1. Not finding the right address

We always make sure you know exactly where you need to be and give as much direction as we can as to precise location. However, always allow 15 minutes’ extra journey time just in case the building or entrance is not immediately obvious.

  1. No shows

Whatever is behind the no-show, it might not be an issue for you right now but it will affect your reputation and career chances in future. The insurance and financial services communities are small and tight-knit communities with long memories. Always let us know in advance if you can’t (or don’t need to) attend an interview. That way, no-one’s time is wasted. Don’t have doors closed to you tomorrow because you didn’t show up today.

  1. Lateness

The most frequent – and by far the most frustrating. In almost all cases there is no excuse and, in the majority of situations, a bit of planning would have meant you still arriving on time.

Don’t get caught out: decide on the surest method and route to getting to your interview well in advance. Then imagine the absolute worst-case scenario. Use this to build in huge time windows so that you can revert to plan B, C, D..! So if your car is stolen, you get diverted, a tyre gets punctured, trains get cancelled (or all of the above) you WILL still get to your interview on time!

(Obviously, being actually involved in an accident or a medical emergency would be beyond your control. If that happens, call us immediately and we will smooth things over with the interviewers.)

Boost your career today!

These are our top preventable bugbears. Happily, we don’t come across them very often as our rigorous screening means only the most qualified, motivated and driven candidates progress.

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