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Do you have a recruitment budget in place?

Do you have a recruitment budget in place?

If not, why not?

Daily we speak to many frustrated line managers who say….’we have a vacancy to fill and we want to use an agency BUT we have no budget in place to use a recruitment agency!’

My question is…Do business owners know the actual cost of recruiting a bad hire and impact it will have on their business and their services in the future?

Please view recruitment agencies as an investment and not a direct cost to your business.

We are successful recruitment solution providers, you are investing in our expert knowledge and service. We can provide you with the best support and help you find the right candidates, who will be a valuable asset to your business now and in the future, the best part is you don’t pay for our services until we find you the perfect candidate!

Why choose us?

Insure recruitments consultants screen candidates at a higher level then most other agencies, we also have invested in leading technology to help save our clients a considerable amount of time when it comes to interviewing candidates, we address skill shortages, think outside of the box and listen to our candidates and clients, we give candidates the opportunity to showcase their personalities alongside their CV. We are certified REC members and promote good recruitment practice, we invest in education & training, we share our market and industry knowledge, we are honest and transparent and we are proud to be a part of the Insure Recruitment brand.  Our consultants have over 50 years of combined experience working directly within our industry sectors as well as recruiting for them, we have proven success stories and many client/candidate recommendations. We help you identify good general insurance and financial services candidates, U.K. wide. We continue to help our clients to grow to find the right people so they can become a scalable and market-leading business.

If you have a vacancy to fill, then please put a recruitment agency budget in place and arrange a meeting with us today. Invest your time wisely and choose Insure Recruitment as your agency of choice.


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