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Don’t wait for New Year! Make the resolutions that will boost your career!

When it comes to preparing to find your perfect next job, there’s no time like the present. Not ready to make your move? You still need to take steps now to be an exceptional candidate – once the time is right.

All you need is a little planning and resolve!

Below we reveal some simple but effective resolutions for your future success.


  1. “I will figure out where I want my career to go”

If you don’t know where you want to go, how can you plan your route there? Give some careful thought to the career you aspire to:

  • What would be your ultimate dream role?
  • What are your career goals?
  • What are the qualities and skills you feel you could develop further?
  • What aspect(s) of your current role gives you most satisfaction?
  • How do you (or could you) add most value to an employer’s business?

You may have had career goals in the past – consider if they have changed and how. Maybe the 2019 pandemic has made you re-evaluate what is important to you. Has your sector changed – and has that affected what is possible for you?

Do you have companies in mind that you would love to work for? Draw up a list of those that inspire you or offer you the future you want.


  1. “I will register with a proactive and well-connected recruitment agency”

The best specialist recruitment consultants take a long-term approach to matching great talent with outstanding opportunities.

Find an agency – Insure Recruitment, for example! -that truly understands your aspirations and expectations. We could be your partner not just in finding your next role but also in guiding you with your career.

We invest in strong client relationships and intimately know our sectors, so we know exactly the experience, skills and personal qualities our clients need to boost their businesses.

We are always on the lookout for great potential – as well as candidates that are the complete package right now. So we advise you on the steps needed to ensure you successfully climb your chosen career ladder.


  1. “I will update my LinkedIn profile”

The importance of LinkedIn as a recruitment and networking tool increases continually. You must keep it fresh and as current as possible. This will build your profile, enhance your personal brand and demonstrate your full value to potential employers.

Weekly updates are an absolute minimum.

Make sure your updates include your latest experience, successes, newest skills and hottest new connections.

Demonstrate your commitment to your career by following leading individuals in the sector. Participate thoughtfully in discussions regarding hot topics. Sign up to events that will help deepen your understanding and experience of the industry.


  1. “I will Freshen my CV – and keep it fresh”

Your CV should never be a rush job so, as with your LinkedIn profile, take some time to ensure it is as relevant as possible, as up to date as possible and contains major new wins, achievements, skills and experience.

Make a note of what you actually do on a regular (daily/weekly) basis and make sure that is reflected in your CV.

Tighten the language from time to time or it can get stale.

Also use your CV to identify holes in your experience which need filling. More of that below.


  1. “I must mind the skills gap!”

You have identified your career goals – now think about the potential impediments. Are there rungs on your career ladder missing?

Once you have clarified this, plan how you will fill them:

  • Can you do this in your current role by asking for further challenges or responsibilities?
  • Would normal professional development options, such as seminars or workshops, help you accrue the lacking knowledge or skills?
  • Are further qualifications required – in which case would your current firm sponsor or support your study? (Just be aware that some employers pay for courses with a proviso that employees have to remain in their role for a certain period of time afterwards or repay the cost of the course in full.)


  1. “I will network, network, network!”

If you have a mentor, this is a good time to gently reach out – especially if it has been a while since you last met up, or even had contact.

Many established professionals enjoy the role of nurturing and helping guide newer talent to achieve their potential. So don’t take this help for granted. Make contact, listen and learn.

If you don’t have a mentor, maybe identify someone who has led the career you want to lead and who would be open to advising you sporadically how you could grow professionally.

In addition to a helpful mentor, your network can often be an excellent source of advice and opportunity.

So this is also a good moment to think carefully about your network: former colleagues, friends, family contacts, acquaintances you made at seminars, workshops or trade fairs.

Carefully start probing those in your current network to test your aspirations on them, get their insight on interesting developments in the industry.

There is always room to expand your network, so make sure you follow up interesting contacts you make at professional events, make new connections on LinkedIn with thought-provoking commentators. Shake up Uncle Bill or Aunt Fiona for that interesting introduction they keep promising you would help your job!


  1. “I must clean up my social media”

If you read our blog about personal branding you’ll know that potential employers glance at your social media to weed out any candidates that might bring shame upon their house. So make sure any less than sober pictures, posts, tags or profile images are safely binned.


  1. “I will remain resolute!”

Ignore the old saying about resolutions being made to be broken. When your career is at stake, stick to them and enjoy the feeling of rising up your career ladder. With a little resolve, the sky’s the limit!



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