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Game day: Leave everything on the field

An interview is not just about impressing prospective colleagues. It is your opportunity to    better understand the role on offer and decide if the team and company are the right fit for you.

You’re prepped, including thoroughly familiarising yourself with the job brief and how it reflects your experience and skills. You have researched the role, team and company and you are ready to demonstrate how you will add value.

Insure Recruitment will help you with interview technique so you shine. Here are our top tips:

First impressions

Be early: aim for 10-15 mins ahead of your interview time. This allows you space to calm any nerves and get feel for the environment. Be smart: find out the company dress code in advance. Throw in some grooming too!

Speak good body language 

Start with a firm and confident handshake. Make eye contact from the outset. Check your posture, keep it alert and open – but not too open! Make sure you are engaging equally with each interviewer.


You have two ears and one mouth – use them in that ratio. If you realise you are saying too much, ease off.


Practise calming breathing techniques ahead of the interview so that you can call on them if you start to feel nerves creep in. It will also help keep you focused.

Demonstrate motivation

This is the company’s opportunity to demonstrate to you that the role is the right step for you and your career. It is also your best chance to convey your eagerness for the role, so have an answer ready as to why you want the job. Also have a few smart questions up your sleeves that show your genuine interest in the role (avoid pay, perks or holiday entitlement). They should also be designed to help you decide if the position, firm culture and company vision is a good fit for you.

Be you, be your best YOU

If you are trying too hard to be their ideal candidate, you may mask your true qualities – which would be a shame as they have got you this far!

We can help

We care about your career. Find out why 93% of our placed candidates are still in the role we helped them win 12 months later.

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