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Happy Halloween! Our Top 5 Scary Stories

Every little (shiver) helps…

Employees of a certain Surrey supermarket are getting more than great deals in the aisles…

The store is the site of numerous hair-raising supernatural sightings. A civil-war era soldier has been seen wandering around – possibly looking for bargains. (Researchers confirmed that back in Oliver Cromwell’s day, an army barracks was pitched at the site.)

Members of staff have also been shaken by the sight of a black shadow glide through the shop. Female workers also have to contend with the unwelcome vision of a woman dressed as a maid who can sometimes be found weeping in the ladies’ toilet.


A spiritual exchange…

Night-time operators at a Surrey telephone exchange were used to being tapped on the shoulder by the colleague relieving them of their shift.

Many workers in the 1970s and 1980s were unnerved by the blood-chilling experience of getting a tap only to turn round to find … no one there.


It’s behind you!

The employee of a digital consultancy was puzzled by the sound of disembodied footsteps running backwards and forwards right in front of his desk.

Made of sterner stuff than us – and more worried by a looming deadline on the item he was editing – the hardy soul increased the volume on his headphones.

The sound of running stopped dead. Suddenly, three different voices began laughing behind him. As his work station was directly in front of a floor to ceiling window, there was nothing immediately behind him except solid glass – and a 21-floor drop.



Uninvited guest

A photographer was hired to film a wedding. In one scene, he filmed as the wedding party left the family house on a centuries-old farm. As they exited in the wrong order, he sent them back in and refilmed the scene.

Back in his editing suite, he was startled when the film between the two takes suddenly turned fuzzy.

Before his horrified eyes, an elderly man in a medieval hat suddenly appeared on the tape, pleaded “Free me!” before vanishing.


Another reason to be scared of the dentist…

The cousin of one of our team owns a dental practice. The cottage his practice operates in was built in 1850. The final resident died in the cottage 20 years ago, having lived in the house all of her 70 years. The dentists bought the house and repurposed it as a dental surgery.

Shortly after moving into the building, he and his team quickly became aware they might have got more than the building.

They were shaken regularly by the sound of disembodied footsteps dashing up the stairs or walking around the room they were in.

Office staff were startled when equipment, including a computer mouse, started shooting across the room without explanation.

One of the more sceptical dentists was astonished to have his tunic yanked hard while he was alone in a bathroom cubicle.

Now do you think that the most terrifying sight at a dentist’s is their drill..?!


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