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Has lockdown been unkind to your body and mind?

Hurrah! Your world is reopening! Finally – the chance to catch up around a (socially distanced) watercooler and see colleagues and teammates in person rather than across a screen. But don’t get too excited – there could be some unpleasant surprises ahead for you. Here’s a handy guide to being prepared…

  1. The lockdown muffintop

All over Britain, professionals are suiting up for work only to find their clothing is a little – or a lot – tighter than it was back in March. Not everyone has been taking advantage of Joe Wicks’s free daily workouts. And almost all of us have succumbed to an episode – or several – of comfort eating, hence the ‘Corona stone’ that many of us have gained since March.

Our top tip: try your work clothing on today as you will have the weekend to ‘top up’ your wardrobe with a couple of items of workwear until the physical excesses of the past three months have worn off.

  1. Hair today, gone tomorrow

One of the interesting phenomena of the Covid19 crisis has been the chance to see what the nation’s real hair and beards look like. With hairdressers solidly booked until November, there’s not much you can do about the roots and the greys. Sadly, the beards are slowly vanishing and hair colour is returning as we discover the joys (and challenges) of home dyeing. Quietly book your appointment for as soon as humanly possible and in the meantime, defiantly own your natural look!

  1. The mask

Sooner or later you will need to wear one. Yes, it is uncomfortable and feels weird and makes communication a LOT harder, but they prevent you from passing on the virus – even to someone that it might kill. So learn to use them. Here are our top tips to overcoming the biggest challenges:

Fogging glasses – two easy fixes: wear your glasses OVER the mask or slip some tissue paper under the top of the mask.

Hearing difficulties – it is much harder on those of us who cannot hear well, so we are going to have to be a lot more patient as we ask “Pardon?!” for the tenth time. Speak slightly louder and slower as much as possible… Clearly, gesturing is going to become a ‘thing’.

Keeping it clean – wash your hands before touching it and keep it in a sealed bag whilst not wearing it. Have a spare mask to hand in case your first one gets sweaty or dirty.

  1. “I want to be alone!”

Nigella Lawson wrote recently that she has actually enjoyed desocialisation. Many of us have also expressed anxiety about rejoining the world. If you too have post lockdown social anxiety, why not try Nigella’s plan of a 5:2 social diet and wean yourself gradually back into society until you reach a level which you are comfortable with. Find the right amount of outside interaction that you need for your own long term wellbeing.

Above all, whatever post lockdown challenges you are hitting, you are absolutely not alone.

And if your own post-lockdown landscape includes boosting your career, contact our experienced and friendly team today on 01483 668700 or

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