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Here’s some tips from our team to keep you cheery!

If you are finding the current social distancing measures unnerving, you are not alone!

To help you, our team have compiled these top tips to keep calm and be cheerful during the lockdown and beyond!

Get involved:

A brilliant silver lining is the way that neighbours who used to be strangers are really pulling together. Get involved in road apps, check on any elderly locals, ask around if you can fetch anyone things from the supermarket. Helping those worst affected makes us feel great and will leave you and your neighbourhood feeling happier.

Get fit:

Joe Wicks and Max Whitlock’s YouTube workouts are just two of the many fantastic free and fun online options to turn lockdown time into toning up time. Plié with prima ballerinas or dig a downward dog, tune into tap dance or plunge into pilates.

Get motivated:

Avoid the danger of being without purpose. Make (and stick to) to do lists, set mini goals for each day and challenge yourself with larger goals for when the lockdown is over.Here’s a cool tip from a Facebook community: create a wish jar!

Every time you think of something you want to do but can’t, write it down and put it in the jar. Once you are free to go outside again, get busy making those wishes come true!

Get a new hobby:

You know that thing you always put off because there was no time? Well, guess what?! The time is now! Add that new string to your bow. If you need knowhow books, tools or materials, there are still plenty of delivery options working through the lockdown.

Get chatting:

Talk to friends and family: have a FaceTime, Zoom or Houseparty chat. Indulge in a virtual pub quiz. Skype far-off relatives or buddies. Ensure you are getting some human contact. It’s good to talk!

Get decluttering:

Time to tackle that naughty pile, that drawer of doom or that closet of chaos. Give your living space a Marie Kondo overhaul. Does that old Rick Astley album REALLY spark joy? No? Thank it for bringing you joy and donate it.

Working from home? Make your space:

Set up a dedicated work space – ideally somewhere you can keep distractions to a minimum. Make sure it has a good chair to help your posture.

Keep to a schedule:

Don’t stay in your PJs! It’s a slippery slope! Wake up, shower and breakfast at the same time as you would pre-lockdown. Add a ‘mini commute’, a short brisk walk, for added authenticity! If you have colleagues or clients, notify them of your ‘office hours’.

Take breaks:

Have short, regular interval breaks to stretch your legs, get a breath of fresh air or brew a cuppa. Have regular lunchtimes too.

Lists, lists, lists:

Create to do lists to help focus and provide purpose. If you have a manager, share your lists with them.

It’s very good to talk:

Make sure you have as much personal communication as possible – not just texting and messaging but call and speak to other humans! Make sure you have as much personal communication as possible – not just texting and messaging but call and speak to other humans!

All work and no play…

Working in isolation from a team is hard, so organize little informal sessions: take it in turns to give a tour of your workspace or have a Friday afternoon drink on Zoom.

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