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Candidate Case Study – October 2020 – High Net Worth Account Handler

“Marion makes the process simple. It’s about me”

Congratulations to a talented candidate who we helped find his perfect new role (in a mere a week and a half) as a high net worth account handler with a boutique insurance broker.

He describes our team as friendly, helpful, honest and truly great at really listening to what candidates want.

He singles out Managing Consultant Marion Errington, who he credits with simplifying the process considerably. “The most positive aspect of the process was that Marion didn’t make it complicated. It wasn’t about chasing commission – It was about me”.

Strongly impressed by his first experience with Francesca ten years ago, he contacted us, as he was looking for a much stronger work/life balance. Marion immediately found exactly the right opportunities for him because she had really listened to what he wanted.

Marion’s intimate client insight helped him target opportunities and companies she knew he would be perfect for – including some he had discounted as being beyond his reach. She made him fully aware of all his options “without forcing a bunch of other roles” on him – which he really appreciated!

Her exemplary responsiveness with positive feedback gave him the belief and confidence boost to shine in the second and third interviews. It also helped him focus his preparation.

He appreciated her attention to details, such as reminding him to be prepared with PPE (mask, hand sanitiser, etc) ahead of in-person interviews. Marion also helped him prepare a robust, positive explanation in case a potential issue arose at the interview.

Marion’s insight into what employers were really looking for made his preparation so much easier as he knew exactly what they were after.

The team at Insure Recruitment have great insight into what employers are really looking for. It makes preparation so much easier when candidates know what they are after.

The most positive aspect of the process was that Marion didn’t make it complicated. It felt that for her, it wasn’t about chasing a commission. “It was about me”. She made sure he was aware of other options but she didn’t force a bunch of other roles on him.

The candidate rated Insure Recruitment a strong 12 out of 10!

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