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How businesses can get the most out of using a recruitment agency

We will deliver you perfect-fit candidates, who are motivated to work for you and who will boost your business.

Right now, you need your recruitment consultants (definitely us!) to consistently find you candidates that bring you that extra “X” factor.

In this blog, discover which insights will help us find you the talent that will help you not just maintain but increase your competitive edge.

Help us help you! Find out how…

Instruct consultants who specialise in insurance and/or financial services

We consistently get your feedback on what sets us apart from other recruitment services:

  1. Because we are specialised, we intimately understand your sector and the dedication.
  2. The exceptional service you get from our experienced and personable team.

You don’t have time or the resources right now for false starts. You need only candidates that bring precisely the skills you want. You need only new recruits who are highly motivated – increasing your retention rate and saving you the time and money of rehiring.

If you work with us, you will already know that we attract the most outstanding candidates and screen them rigorously, selecting the most impressive and suitable potential hires for you. Our team has unmatched personal experience of working in the sector. We also continuously invest in both building the strongest possible relationships with our clients and the latest recruitment technology.

An excellent example is a recent client who had tried using numerous large reputable but generalist agencies to fill five roles. After 200 unsuccessful applications (and by then severely constrained by time), they reached out to us. Within only two days, we delivered six exceptional candidates, five of whom were offered roles.

Your resourcing strategy

If you have a resourcing strategy make sure to share it with us – and keep us briefed on strategic changes. The more information we have on your immediate and future goals, the better we understand your needs and so ensure that you are getting precisely the right candidates exactly when you need them. If we know what is in your pipeline, we will be on the lookout for emerging talent and potential candidates who we will proactively suggest to you – keeping you a considerable step ahead of the competition.

Good communication

The sooner we know about new role opportunities, the faster we can source the exceptional recruits you need. So the quicker you communicate them to us, the more rapidly we can find the brilliant new recruits you need.

We are always getting enquiries from outstanding candidates whose career paths seem set on sending them in a certain direction. In several instances, by really listening to them, we have realised that a vacancy they might not consider (as it doesn’t fit their current trajectory) actually offers them an entirely new but much more rewarding career path and is better suited to their skillset. In every scenario, the main beneficiary is you – our client – who is delighted by a brilliant and highly motivated recruit, energised by their exciting and fulfilling new direction.

Knowing you inside and out

As one very satisfied client put it, “With Insure Recruitment, it’s the people!”

Our team have all worked in the sector, so we already bring an encyclopaedic inside knowledge of the optimum skill sets and personal qualities you need to thrive. This helps us source superb talent and is why we are proud of the retention rate of candidates we placed – which is significantly higher than the industry average.

The more we understand about your brand and your culture, the stronger our insight into the unique qualities you need from your candidates. The stronger our partnership, the better we can ensure the overwhelming success of your recruitment cycles.

Are we on your list?

If we are not on your preferred supplier list (PSL), we’d love to talk to you about this. We’d appreciate the opportunity to understand your criteria for inclusion. Obviously, we’d like to do this as soon as possible!

Many of our clients don’t operate a PSL – there are disadvantages as well as advantages to them. Above all, we fully respect that it is your decision to operate one if that is what works best for your business.

Are we working with all your relevant decision-makers?

We highly value our strong relationships with the key contacts in your organisations. If you have colleagues that you feel would equally benefit from our expertise (in other departments or teams, for example), then we would be honoured for your introduction. Help your colleagues discover how working with us will boost their side of the business!

Similarly, if we enjoy relationships with senior decision-makers but you have more junior colleagues that we could also be helping, again we would value that introduction. We deliver the same top drawer service and are as motivated to help with junior-level hires and temporary or part-time hires.


We appreciate the importance to your business of excellence across all levels of your organisation so we will find exceptional candidates for all your recruitment needs.

How are we doing?

We are always looking for feedback – the good, the bad and the …well, you know! We really do listen and we are always so grateful for you taking the time to pass on anything that would help us deliver a better service to you. Whether you wish to sing our praises or suggest enhancements, you can speak to us either directly or in confidence at any time.

See our form below for any feedback you may wish to offer right now. If you have anything you want to discuss in more depth, we will call you as that information would be so valuable to us.

Do you know all our added value services?

Your business is evolving and your recruitment needs are changing too. We don’t believe in resting on our laurels so we too are always innovating to ensure our service remains highly relevant to our clients. Which is why this year we partnered with Mental Health In Business – a leading provider of wellbeing support for your people.

We also ran webinars with Wiser Academy, a leading training provider to the insurance industry, offering advice and support to insurance and financial services professionals who were struggling with job hunts at the height of the lockdown. We are currently examining ways in which we can help clients retain valuable employees for longer.

Our commitment to our sector is total – and we will continue to find ways in which we help you boost your business.

Are you looking for a recruitment partner? We’d love to discuss how we can help your business grow. Call our experienced and knowledgeable team now on 01483 668700 or email us at Alternatively, complete the form below and we will contact you.

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