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“I definitely rate them 10 out of 10!”

Huge congratulations to Nathan on starting his perfect next job as a broker development executive with a leading provider of specialist insurance solutions.

We connected with Nathan through an online job agency as Francesca identified that – based on his CV – he was a strong fit for a role she was recruiting for.

Having worked with other recruitment agencies, Nathan was emphatic that there is no comparison! He describes his experience with us, and the service he received, as “a lot more personal”.

His first impressions were that we are “very professional”. “Both Francesca and Andrea were very easy to speak to”. Nathan appreciated that Francesca took the time to video call him, as it “really helped her get a better understanding” of Nathan as a person and his suitability for the role.

In Nathan’s experience, when previous recruitment companies unsuccessfully put him forward for a role, they hardly ever followed up – “leaving a slightly bitter taste in the mouth”. But “Insure Recruitment are the total opposite! They kept looking for that right fit – which is the role I am in today!”


“With Insure Recruitment, the recruitment process was very easy: highly professional, they knew their stuff, great with feedback and follow-up – and I never had to chase them! The interview preparation process was very helpful: Francesca sent me lots of very useful information and briefed me on what to expect.”


“I felt adequately consulted and in control of my recruitment own process throughout. Even though I was in a role I did not enjoy, I trusted my CV was in the right hands so did not bother looking for another role!”


“The way that Insure Recruitment treat candidates is very professional. They make you feel really valued and they definitely go the extra mile.”


“The most positive aspect of the process was not having to keep applying on job sites every 5 minutes! I knew my CV was in the right hands and just let them get on with doing what they do!”


“I definitely rate them 10 out of 10!”

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