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“I have nothing but praise for Priya! With her guidance and support, this was a win-win recruitment process.”



I have nothing but praise for Priya! With her personal,  supportive and understanding approach, this was a win-win recruitment process with mutually great prospects and an easy sell for all parties involved!” ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Commercial Claims Handler/Manager. Bristol 

This candidate was successfully placed with a leading global insurance firm (he had aspired to work with for a while) in a senior associate level commercial claims handling role.

Priya headhunted and contacted this candidate by listening carefully to what he was looking for from his next step, and his experience. The candidate had a very strong senior level of experience and expertise across a range of insurance (and closely related) roles. He aspired to work for our client but, with our support, this was the first time he had actively pursued an opportunity.

“My first impressions were great. Priya was fully supportive and provided valuable support throughout. Priya recognised from the outset that I am pro-active and committed – all of which came out during our discussion. She therefore felt able to recommend me unreservedly to the client.”

“It was a difficult process as it coincided with me undergoing, and recovering from, challenging surgical procedures. Priya ensured this did not become an issue. She kept the client fully informed throughout and reaffirmed their confidence that I was the right person for the role – and fully committed to joining them.”

“Her approach was personal, understanding and supportive.”

She consulted me from start to finish and made sure I was in the driving seat. Priya was also really good at following up and feeding back. So I found it an entirely pain-free process – which helped to boost my confidence!”

“The dynamics between consultant and candidates are so important. Priya helped reveal all my essential qualities, was honest about them and how they would help me in the interview round. She knew that the client would feel the same.”

“Overall, the most positive aspect of the process was that, with Priya’s guidance and support, I got the job – despite a few potentially process-ending hurdles along the way.”

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