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“Insure Recruitment are knowledgeable and fast!”

Our candidate launched his insurance career as a graduate Product & Underwriting Administrator working for an award winning Insurance business based in Guildford, having received an offer within 24 hours of his interview!

Francesca called the candidate after spotting his application online. After numerous calls from recruiters, he checked out their websites to decide which to engage with. He chose us.

Francesca’s persistence in emailing and following up meant a great deal to him. He was also impressed that Francesca had specific roles in mind which were well-tailored to him. This differentiated us immediately from other recruiters.

After reviewing several relevant opportunities by phone, email and Teams, he decided which to pursue. “Francesca is really knowledgeable about the industry, really good on detail – and really nice!”

“She gave me advice to help target and improve my CV greatly in terms of content.”

We organised interviews for him and helped him prepare. Francesca suggested our online interview toolkit, which he supplemented with her procedure tips.

“Francesca took all the stress out of organising the interview; all I had to do was to turn up and give the best account of myself! Francesca knew what she was doing and how to get the best outcome for me. She was an excellent intermediary, sorting out any issues for me. She had useful insights and inside knowledge; her feedback and updates were very quick – pretty much instant – and very helpful.

“I also liked that they checked to see how I was doing. The most positive aspect was not having to organise interviews: Francesca prepared everything for me.”

Graduate – Product & Underwriting Administrator – Guildford 

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