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“Insure Recruitment are supportive, caring and efficient. I absolutely rate them 10 out of 10!”

“I cannot thank Francesca enough. I honestly cannot think that anything could have gone better – it was just the easiest process and this job is so much more than I could have got for myself!”

Our candidate was delighted by her first experience with Insure Recruitment – especially as we helped her secure her dream job with a leading specialist underwriting agent and insurance broker.

Searching online for underwriting positions, she found a role we were advertising on Francesca called her back directly within 24 hours.

“It was a very personal touch that Francesca called as soon as I applied. She is a great balance of professional but friendly, which was great at putting me at ease.”

As well as talking through the role, Francesca provided an in-depth description of the company.

“Francesca was fantastic: very positive and full of detail. She made sure I was completely happy with the role and the company.”

As her application progressed, we stayed in constant communication with her – especially with feedback so she felt properly consulted throughout.

“Francesca absolutely delivered. She prepped me for interview, setting up a Teams meeting to workshop expected questions. I was completely prepared and very, very supported.”

It helped that Francesca enjoys a great relationship with the company offering the role!

“At the interview they were singing her praises, putting me at ease and increasing my confidence.”

Within days of the interview, Francesca had great news.

“Francesca blew me away with her follow up. She was really thorough, fantastic at chasing on my behalf. It was down to her that I got the offer within a day!”

The candidate felt in control throughout:  “Some recruiters put you forward just because they want to meet a target. Francesca was different: it was important that she found the best role for me.”

“Insure Recruitment are supportive, caring and efficient. Everything ran so smoothly and could not have gone any betterI absolutely rate them 10 out of 10!”

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