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“It was like Insure Recruitment had handpicked me for a role tailor-made for me. It was uncanny

Dwayne was keen to get back into the insurance sector after a few years working in comms.

He received a cold call contact from Insure Recruitment after creating a LinkedIn profile flagging up that he was open for opportunities. They had a specific account handler role with a specialist insurance broker which she thought would be perfect for him so they had an introductory call to discuss it.

They knew the target company very well, having previously placed candidates there. The company is expanding and so are developing their team. They had spotted qualities and transferable skills in Dwayne’s CV she knew the company would be looking for.

Dwayne’s impressions of Insure Recruitment were that we are very personable. Specifically, “They are  very friendly, approachable, down to earth and extremely reassuring.”

Dwayne felt fully consulted and in control of the process throughout. Marion helped him update his CV layout, along with some other tweaks.

The interview was held remotely and although Dwayne didn’t require any assistance with technical preparation, he found Marion’s interview technique tipsheet very helpful.

“It was very thorough and was great at getting me thinking about concrete examples”.

As for our feedback process: “It was really good. Marion fed back within a day and kept me well informed regarding the next stages and likely timing all the way.”

Dwayne had also been initially contacted by another recruiter.

“Their communication was tenfold better!” he says. “She was regularly in touch by phone and email and she provided a very good amount of information.”

Dwayne wanted to check out our other current vacancies and find out more about our team. Using our website to do so was straightforward. He describes the website as “excellent”: “easy to navigate”, “informative” and “well designed”.

“It gave me a good feel for the company – the team came across as approachable and it gave me a lot of confidence in them.”

Dwayne describes the service he got from Insure Recruitment as “caring”, “personable” and “reassuring”.

And Dwayne’s final verdict? “Categorically, 10 out of 10!.”

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