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“I’ve got three words to describe Insure Recruitment’s process: ‘personable’, ’informative’, ‘transparent’.”

“The most positive aspect of the process was having a real personal connection with Insure Recruitment. I felt I was treated as a human being, not a commodity. The entire process felt more qualitative than quantitative.”

We were delighted to help Gabriel win an exciting new job with a global leader in insurance, risk management and consulting services.

Andrea reached out to Gabriel regarding a position he’d applied for. He quickly felt that Andrea related to him much better on a personal level than other agencies. Gabriel also really appreciated that she was not about a hard sell: “Andrea is a lot more professional, personable and relaxed.”

Initially, Andrea asked him a few questions regarding his background, exploring why he was targeting this specific job and confirming that it was indeed a good fit.

Gabriel found her tone very friendly and mentions that she was “super-insightful” about the job, which really impressed him.

Gabriel describes our process as “really top service: personable and professional, informative.”

Events moved swiftly and a remote telephone interview was quickly arranged. “The post-interview feedback came quickly so I wasn’t waiting for ages.” After the interview, progress on the client-side slowed. However, Gabriel says that Andrea managed his expectations very well “all the way”.

The job location was initially problematic for Gabriel. Andrea and her colleague Marion, helped him “think it through”. Following their “personable” assistance, he decided to proceed. Gabriel was delighted by the outcome: “I’m very glad they intervened and advised me to go for it!”

Throughout, Gabriel felt in complete control of the process.

“Every decision was clearly mine, I wasn’t forced into making them just to get the role. Everything was transparent and the team put me at my ease.”

Overall, he is delighted. “Really nice service by Andrea backed up by Marion – they work really well together!”

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