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Lights! Camera! ACTION!! Video interview tips for candidates

As a jobseeker, you have to be as polished in a video interview as you would be in person.

Setting up: the techy bit

If technology spooks you, don’t panic! Follow our easy tips:

1. Close any unnecessary web browser tabs and applications and switch your phone to silent mode.

2. Check that your computer’s audio is working and test its webcam.

3. Download the necessary app in advance. And test it.

4. Make sure your microphone, headset and camera are plugged in. And test them.

5. Make sure that the internet connection in your preferred location is stable. And … you’ve guessed it … test it!

6. Have a pen, notepad and a printed copy of your CV, the job description and essential skills to hand.

See? Not so scary was it?!

No wardrobe malfunctions!

You should be as smart and presentable as if you were interviewing in person.

Dress professionally, avoiding bright colours. If you can, trial the outfit on a video chat beforehand to ensure that the textures and patterns won’t distract an interviewer.

Location, location, location

Find a quiet, private, well-lit place, free from possible interruptions.

Eliminate the possibility of disturbance: let family, friends, housemates, etc know that you’ll be having a video interview, to minimise distractions or interruptions.

Avoid noisy places. Right now, your choices are likely to be restricted so alert your interviewer that there may be some background noise.


Ensure the background presents you in the most professional way.

A white wall is always a safe bet.

However if you have a ‘warm coloured feature’ (for example a wooden bookshelf) in the background, that would help create a positive ambience.


Have a strong light source pointed at your face if available.

If none is available, try and use natural light instead.

Avoid sitting in front of a window or somewhere with a backlight.

Body language

Sit central to the camera and make eye contact, looking directly at the camera throughout the interview.

When listening, nod and smile to show engagement and commitment.

Use hand gestures when appropriate.

The tone of your voice 

Create a good impression during interview a positive tone is essential, as this shows confidence, in addition clarity of voice will also demonstrate good communication.

Wrapping up

You and your stage are set. NOW is YOUR time to shine! Take a deep breath and … ACTION!

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