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“They personifies what consultancy means: guidance, expert advice and assistance.”

We are delighted to have helped this candidate secure an account handler role: a dream job which also opens up a whole new career path for him.

We contacted him with a specific opportunity as she felt he was a very strong fit. Her intuition paid off: despite a difficult year, he is now looking forward to a complete life change – and a brighter future.

The candidate describes Insure Recruitment consultants as “professional above all, pragmatic from the outset”. She kept the process simple and easy, and didn’t overload him with information. “Friendly, intuitive and respectful, she knew exactly what she was talking about.”

We ensure our candidates are consulted and in control of the process. He agrees. “I felt like was in the driving seat. For example, my CV was left untouched so it really was a true representation of me.” 

His CV was solid except for a minor anomaly which – without context – might have concerned some employers. She helped him robustly explain it, enabling interviewers to appreciate the full picture.

Interview preparation was key for the candidate. He was concerned about forming a rapport in a video interview. She sent him tips, online tutorials and demonstrations, helping him make a strong impression. “It was hand-holding – but not in a patronising way.” he explains.

He liked that we are based in Guildford, well placed geographically to be immersed in the sector and have established client relationships.

He had worked with other agencies. Some built him up for roles – only to go silent. Others sent him automated emails when he was unsuccessful or “ghosted” him.

“Insure Recruitment are a completely different ball game,” he comments. Feedback was relayed swiftly after the interview. He was kept firmly in the loop, making him feel respected and relaxed, and boosting his confidence.

“They personifies what consultancy means: guidance, expert advice and assistance.”

“Even if I hadn’t got the role, I would still have given Insure Recruitment 33 out of 10 for how they handle the process!”

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