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“They eat, sleep and breathe recruitment!”

Our client started working with Insure Recruitment two and a half years ago and has since struck up a great working relationship. She is very targeted in her recruitment so it really helps that “ I have a good consultation process and always have some dialogue on the brief. Insure Recruitment is very personable, flexible and approachable”.

She says that Insure Recruitment clearly knows the industry. “ They are very passionate about getting the right person into the business and is a great person to bounce ideas off.”

Our client has complete confidence that he is sourcing the right candidates from the right pool. In addition, his applicants are always well prepared and as briefed for interview as they can be.

Communication is never a problem for her: “Insure Recruitment are extremely responsive by phone or email. Also, he is persistent, doggedly ensuring that a message gets through, “which helps me prioritise.”

Our client feels well consulted and content that Insure Recruitment put her in control of her own recruitment process.

However, the most positive aspect for her is that they always to the point and personable: “he is not a stereotypical ‘salesy’ recruitment consultant and I feel he is giving me 100% of his time.”

“In terms of retention, they absolutely nails it,” so she feels she certainly gets value for money.

If she had to find three words to describe  Insure Recruitment, they would be: “motivated, personable and ambitious (to get the right candidate)”.


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