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Don’t ask, don’t get

“In business, as in life, you don’t get what you deserve – you get what you negotiate,” said someone we have never heard of. But they were spot on. If you have received a job offer which doesn’t quite fit your expectations – go back and negotiate.

As recruitment consultants immersed in the insurance and financial services sectors, we get our candidates the best possible offers. From day one, we work with you to identify and agree your remuneration expectations. We then avoid wasting your time with opportunities which fall short of what you were expecting.

When an employer is ready to make an offer, we have the expertise to negotiate effectively to get the best possible deal for you. That is why you will get a better offer negotiating via us, than going direct.

If, like Oliver, you want to ask for more but are unsure how, our consultants have some excellent tips to share with you:

Be objective

Weigh up all aspects of the offer. In addition to base salary, what does it say about:

  •            Commission
  •            Benefits
  •            Bonuses
  •            Working hours


Look for information regarding opportunities for promotion, support with professional growth and salary increase intervals

Be informed

Information is power. Research salaries for the particular insurance or financial services job that you are being offered. Before approaching a negotiation, it is crucial that you know your worth.

You want a salary and benefits package that’s in line (or exceeds!) your market value. If you decide that you are worth more than is being offered, ask for it!

Be constructive

Approach the negotiation civilly, with a constructive tone.

Thank the employer for considering you for the opportunity and request a meeting to explore the offer in more depth.

Affirm your motivation to join the team and confirm your eagerness for the role. Explain that, with your skills and experience, you feel further discussion of the package on offer would be appropriate

Be a negotiator

Explain clearly why you feel you are worth more, backing up with evidence from your research. Refer to your experience, factor in cost of living and demonstrate remuneration packages for similar roles in the insurance and financial services industries.

If you have received a competing job offer or your current employer is offering to match (or exceed) the offered package, use this as a benchmark.

Keep your tone firm, polite and neutral. Do not resort to demanding or aggressive language.

Remind them what you are bringing to the table, especially if you have specific, highly sought after experience or skills.

(If you are a reluctant negotiator, you can send your counteroffer in writing instead.)

Don’t be a Diva

If your demands are over ambitious, vastly exceeding what is normal for identical positions in insurance or financial services, then you will damage your credibility. This is not the time for Mariah Carey-style riders. Unless, of course, you ARE Mariah Carey…

Be resourceful

There are many online resources to help you figure out your market value. Many are free but some require a fee. reviews employers and shows salaries for comparable positions. Others, some of which offer salary calculators, include:,,, and

Be cool (again) 

Even if you succeed in getting an improved offer, you are entitled to ask for a little more time to consider it and ask follow up questions. Make sure you are clear on the offer deadline.

There may be strong budgetary or personnel-based reasons why the offer cannot be increased: no more money in the budget or an unwillingness to ruffle team members with salary inequality, for example.

Consider non-financial pros and cons: will there be increased job satisfaction, happier working culture or greater growth opportunities? Any of these may override financial considerations.

Get the best deal

Whatever your decision, you can now make it knowing that you got the best offer possible!

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