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Right now, dear readers, you have lots of burning questions. Hundreds of them, in fact, as last week’s blog showed. Thank you for those. We are following up with all of you who responded.

There were a few recurring questions which are obviously concerning many of you so this week we decided to address those.

If you didn’t respond to last week’s blog and wish to do so, we’d love to hear from you.

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Are companies still looking to recruit staff both during and when we exit from the lockdown?

We do have active roles right now. A large percentage of roles on offer tend to be tech-focused. Our sectors have seen a number of clients put recruitment on hold during the lockdown. However, as the lockdown continues, more businesses are adapting to attract, hire and onboard staff remotely. Many of our clients have informed us that they will resume recruitment once the lockdown has lifted.

How do you get past restrictions, such as lack of laptop for online assessment?

Not having a laptop makes it harder but not impossible. If you cannot borrow the equipment, then we suggest explaining the situation to the recruitment contact and ask if you can apply on paper and be interviewed by phone. If you have the right skills and experience, and will be the right fit, then lack of equipment or technology will not be an insurmountable barrier.

Why can’t I apply for jobs marked ‘graduate’, when I know I have the experience to be really beneficial to that role?

If you have the right skills and experience, not being a graduate shouldn’t be an impediment. Employers seek people with lateral-thinking, analytical minds. You don’t have to be a graduate to have this, so if you think you are qualified, go for it!

What can I do as I’m apparently not eligible for furlough?

If you are unfortunately not eligible for furlough, then you may be able to apply for Universal Credit:

It may also be worth contacting Citizens Advice Bureau:

How to interview over zoom etc in the current crisis.

We have compiled a handy cheatsheet full of tips on how to prepare for, and ace, video interviews!

What’s the norm for video interview? dress as if going to a physical interview?

We have compiled a handy cheatsheet full of tips on how to prepare for, and ace, video interviews!

How can I find out what salary I should be on?

If you wish to check how your salary compares, please do call our team on 01483 668700

How can one get a part time job in the current market?

Finding part-time work right now is a particular challenge. It might be worth identifying your strongest transferrable skills and seeking opportunities in other sectors. Reach out to your network outside insurance or financial services for current opportunities.

Are people still hiring given the current situation and the furloughed status?

It is definitely quieter but there is still lots of opportunity if you are looking for your perfect job. We are still receiving instructions to find outstanding talent for many clients. Check out our current vacancies

Is the job market suffering as a result of Covid?

Whilst it is quieter than before the Covid 19 restrictions, there are still opportunities to give your career a boost! The main difference is that recruitment and onboarding is happening remotely, via videolink.

When will recruitment start again?

Industry leaders are commenting right now that things will kick off again once the industry markets are reopened. They are confident that when they do start up again, they will pick up very quickly.

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