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Social media: Time to give your digital footprint a pedicure

“Privacy is dead and social media holds the smoking gun”

Gloomy but true. Every email you send, every selfie you post and every app you download deepens your digital footprint.

Many years ago, when Mark Zuckerberg was just a server-crashing Harvard fresher, companies relied on gut instinct when hiring. Now, with social media, you are a wide open book. Recruiters can see more about you than you might wish!

Used effectively, your social media could help your land your perfect next job. With a bit of sensible management, a future employer could see you as professional, personable and presentable. In short: a potential asset.

Make sure that you are putting your best digital foot forward.

Failure (to be online) is not an option

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you should hide or shut down your presence completely. Not having a social media profile is often taken to mean that either you have nothing to show or something to hide! Half of employers won’t even look at your CV without it.

Don’t hide it, flaunt it!

Make a hugely positive impression to insurance or financial services companies  by using social media to build quality relationships and express your creativity responsibly.

Quality of content is crucial. Participate in online groups relevant to your sector and career. This demonstrates that you will add value to a discussion by making thoughtful and constructive contributions.

Avoid long periods of inactivity. Recruiters want to see commitment to insurance or financial services. Build up a respectable level of engagement by commiting to at least 2-3 activities a week.

Highlight keywords (in bold)

Savvy jobhunters will know what they are looking for, so help draw their eye to it.

Attention to detail

If you are posting, proofread thoroughly to eliminate spelling or grammar mistakes.

Avoid jokes, sarcasm or irony that can be construed as discriminatory. Your friends will know you don’t really mean it but companies WON’T. And they WILL have policies against discrimination based on race, gender, religion, sexuality and more.

When it comes to followers, it’s about quality, not quantity. Don’t buy fake followers: if you get caught out – and you will – your credibility will be in tatters.


A long and clunky paragraph is off putting. Adding headers will help a weary job searcher navigate to the vital information that will pique their interest.

Get those clippers out…

DELETE photos or posts which show, hint or refer to you being drunk, overtly sexual or doing something illegal. NO Camberwell Carrots!!

DELETE posts painting you in a less than professional light. Bin disgruntled references about previous employers, political rants, disdainful tirades against teachers or fiery foulmouthed spats with online friends.

DELETE multiple identities and make sure your username is the same across all platforms. It will be easier for recruiters to find you and hugely reduce the possibility of mistaken online identity.

INCREASE your security: update privacy preferences so you are visible online but only close friends can see your private life.

ADD a touch of sophistication with a professional headshot for your profile photo.

Now time for a little polish

You’ve thoroughly cleansed. Invest time in building a positive online presence. This will clearly demonstrate your motivation and commitment to the insurance or financial services sectors. It is easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Share interesting posts and articles
  2. Following or engaging with leading commentators offer your own insights.
  3. Don’t share anything you haven’t read yourself and avoid post haste (that’s when bloopers happen).

And you’re done!

Your digital footprint is all clean and shiny and ready for your first step towards finding your perfect new job!

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