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Sports fans are no doubt missing the summer’s sporting feast. If you are job hunting, you can still emulate our sporting heroes by applying the qualities they use to achieve excellence to your job search campaign. So, start stretching folks. It is time – in the words of Cuba Gooding Jr – to “show me the money!” 

Eyes on the prize!

Focus is crucial. Identify clearly exactly what you are looking for. This may just apply to the role you want but you may also be targeting a specific company, a preferred sector or even an ideal location. By honing in on exactly what you want, you will be able to use your time and energy much more effectively. You will also come across as a stronger, more motivated candidate. This enthusiasm and commitment to the role will particularly shine through when you meet potential employers.


Many athletes have to overcome nerves and anxiety on the way to achieving greatness. You may need to do likewise. You won’t be an attractive candidate unless you exude sheer belief in your own abilities. Prepare yourself thoroughly for interviews: role play and practise repeatedly until you find your flow. Invest in learning some relaxation and breathing techniques to help calm those butterflies.

If at first you don’t succeed

Fortitude and determination are essential. Very few of us will not encounter hurdles on the road to landing our perfect job. Don’t let disappointment and rejection divert you from your goal. Regroup, dust yourself off and get back in the saddle. Tomorrow will be a good day.

Leave it all on the field

Tenacity is a quality that will help unlikely outsiders beat odds-on favourites. Doggedly forging ahead in the face of obstacles and distractions, learning from mistakes and not compromising your goal will all get you across the finish line.

Grey skies are gonna clear up..

A positive mindset is important as it will help you identify and seize opportunities others may miss. Also-rans will grumble at the lemons. Winners will turn them into lemonade. So you might not have shone at that interview? But it gave you a chance to determine that this is exactly the sort of role you want to be targeting and now you know how to present yourself more effectively next time.

Self control

You are about to take to the ring to fight for the role you have dreamed of. You have worked so hard for this and glory is within your grasp. Now is not the time to indulge. Just as any athlete would tell you: get plenty of sleep, eat well, exercise regularly and drink plenty of water. Be disciplined on social media and avoid dubious or offensive posting. To summarise: be the best you can be.

Now, go out there and break a leg, champ!

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