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“The beginning of the end” is finally insight

On Sunday, the UK government will reveal who will be able to return to work, when and how.

As we all look to the future, are you rejoicing or fretting at the prospect? If you are concerned about your safety, then you share your fears with 75% of the population. After all, the virus is still out there.

If your sector is chosen to reopen soon, then we have compiled a few simple tips on what you can do to stay as safe as possible.

Don’t stand so close to me

Social distancing will be vital during the easing-off period. You can practice your own measures in the workplace:

  • Make sure you keep two metres’ distance from colleagues.
  • Hold meetings online or over the phone, not in person.
  • Stagger breaks and lunchtimes.
  • Ensure your workspace is spaced adequately from your neighbour’s. If this is not possible, request a screen (such as plexiglass) is installed.
  • Send paperwork digitally rather than hard copy.
  • Choose contactless payment methods for any purchases.
  • If your company hasn’t set up separate entrance and exit points, suggest this.

Practise ‘high’ hygiene

  • Have disinfectant sprays, wipes and antibacterial gel close to hand.
  • Avoid shared equipment where possible.
  • Use stairs rather than lifts, if possible.
  • Keep your own work station as clean as possible.

Catch it! Kill it! Bin it!

Helpfully, this is high allergy season – but don’t take any chances! Follow the NHS guidelines: if you sneeze, cough or blow your nose, capture it in a tissue, throw the tissue in a bin and then thoroughly wash your hands.


You know how to do this … don’t you..?

  • Wet hands with water and apply soap so it covers your entire hand.
  • Rub soap to a thick lather, not forgetting between fingers, your wrists and under nails. (Singing is optional…)
  • Rinse thoroughly and dry with a paper towel (which you then bin): wet hands can spread bacteria a thousand times more than dry hands.

It’s good to talk

We have all been affected by anxiety or have felt isolated during the lockdown period. It is completely normal to feel anxious. Look after your mental health as much as your physical wellbeing. If you feel you need a little extra help, talk to your GP or your HR team and ask for support.

Be informed – what is your company is doing to keep you safe?

Companies are required to run a risk assessment and your input will be vital. Find out when your company is running their process and make sure you have the opportunity to contribute towards it.

Your employer will have a plan as to how and when various employees will be returning. If it hasn’t been circulated, ask to see it. Make sure that your employer is aware if you are considered to be vulnerable or extremely vulnerable (or you are living with people in this category).

We are all here to support each other as the nation looks forward to a strong and positive post-lockdown future.

If you have any questions about these tips (or if you have more to add!), please feel free to call Francesca or Marion on 01483 668700.


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