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Want your CV to grab recruiters’ attention? We show you how…

Write a CV that will take you to the top of the ‘yes’ pile…

Whenever you are writing to persuade or impress: consider your audience. Think of the exhausted recruiter who has to sift through hundreds of waffling CVs. Help them to notice yours!

Your CV must be easy to read, comprehensive and concise. Above all: your content must be tailored towards the specific qualities and expertise the role requires.

Even if you aren’t chasing your dream job, it is worth drafting a CV now as it will help you pounce if opportunity knocks unexpectedly – you will save so much time if you already have a killer CV.


Top tips:

Spellcheck and grammar check

If your CV is riddled with errors, recruiters will dismiss it immediately. Showing poor attention to detail here doesn’t bode well for your quality of work. So, turn on spellcheck and grammar check. Ask a friend or family member to proofread it – fresh eyes are always beneficial for winkling out stray commas.

Remember to ensure you are using UK English-specific spellcheck or you will end up with American English – unless your CV is destined for a US audience, of course!


Adapt your CV to the job you are chasing

Sharpen your competitive edge. If you are targeting a specific role, make sure you highlight the experience and knowledge that prove the added value you will bring to it. A potential employer will not be impressed with a cookie-cutter CV that has no content relevant to the job on offer.


No need for photos

They take up room and are not relevant. If you have a LinkedIn profile picture, now’s the time to make sure that it is a professional-looking image!


Make it easy to read

Over-formatting might make your CV look interesting but a recruiter wants you to cut to the chase. If a fussy CV means they cannot find the relevant information quickly, your masterpiece will end up in the “no” pile.


Use more space if you really need it.

Less is more. But don’t exclude vital information that will boost your application in order to squeeze everything onto two pages. Be precise and economical with your language and you will be forgiven for exceeding two pages.


Any questions?

If you are struggling or just want a second opinion, contact our friendly and highly experienced team of ‘CV whisperers’.  Call us on 01483 668700 or email us on


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