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Turn redundancy into an opportunity – to boost your career!

Redundancy is always horrible news – you never want to hear it. There’s no way to spin it positively. But the decision has been made. All you can do is accept it and ensure you understand your rights, the package and what the process will be. This chapter of your insurance or financial services career may be closed but you now have the opportunity to start a whole new exciting and fulfilling one. And we can help.


Keep calm and call us

As soon as we know you are available, we will start looking for opportunities that would be a perfect fit for you. Sign up to our candidate dashboard for our latest vacancies, call our friendly and experienced team on 01483 668700 or email us at

This month alone, we have helped many insurance and financial services professionals boost their careers, including:

  • We placed a candidate in their dream job on a Monday after they were made redundant only the previous Friday.
  • We helped a candidate win a role which opens up a whole new career direction for them. Before they came on our radar a couple of weeks ago, the candidate had been looking for their ideal role for over 8 months.
  • We found an exciting new role for another candidate very shortly after they found out that they were facing redundancy.

With our indepth client and sector knowledge we will help you target the best opportunities for you.

If you have been made redundant – or are worried about being made redundant – our advisers have several unmissable suggestions for you:


Get your CV in shape

Make sure your CV is as robust and impressive as possible. Use your notice period to refresh it: make a note of your tasks and projects and make sure they are reflected on your CV, along with your current responsibilities and achievements.


Use social media wisely

Use social media to raise awareness of your availability and make it clear you are open to opportunities. Do not use it to grumble, unload grievances or make bold statements about your (soon to be) ex-employer. Bitter ramblings will reflect poorly on you – and may even end you up in trouble.

A heartfelt, optimistic tone demonstrating acceptance, positivity and motivation will instead open doors and will certainly score well with potential recruiters (who will almost definitely checkout your LinkedIn page).

Here is an excellent example of how to do it well.

Use this opportunity to clean up your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. Remove any posts or photos, etc which are offensive or would potentially embarrass potential employers.


Don’t burn bridges

The insurance and financial services sectors are small communities so how you behave is important. Your reputation is – and will be – important. Also bear in mind that you don’t know what the future holds. It may be that your career path may one day wind back to the same employer, manager or colleagues. So continue to be an excellent employee or colleague. It may open important doors for you later on.


Reach out to your network

As well as on social media, reach out to all those contacts you have made through your career – at every level. Let them know what you are looking for and ask for their advice or suggestions.


Learn new tricks

One of our recent candidates hadn’t had an interview for over 13 years. In addition, they needed to go through the process remotely. We worked closely with them to prepare and supported them fully throughout – and they aced the interview!

Our consultants are superb at helping you navigate the software you will need and are committed to preparing you to shine on camera as well as in person.

So if you are going through the worst of times, let us help you turn it into the best of times. Check out our recent vacancies and sign up to our candidate dashboard or call our friendly and experienced team on 01483 668700 for an informal chat. Alternatively, email us at

We’ll ensure you get the smooth transition you deserve.



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