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“Working with Andrea was great. She made me feel at ease and I really believed in her to find me a job. Which she did.”

“The team at Insure Recruitment are impressive. They turned things around very quickly so the process moved swiftly to an interview and a job offer. If they say they are going to do something, they do it.”

Andrea approached the candidate a few days after she posted her CV online as she was sure that the candidate would be a great fit for an active claims handler role she was filling.

The candidate found Andrea very friendly. “Andrea made me feel at ease and confident that she would find me a job. I really believed in her.” The candidate describes Andrea’s process management as “absolutely fantastic – everything happened in a very timely fashion. It was refreshing to feel that I was the most important person: the sole focus.”
The candidate notes that Andrea was very knowledgeable about the qualities that the employer was looking for, even though they are not her key client. “Andrea only puts the right people forward for the right opportunities – it’s not just about getting candidates through the door.”

The candidate felt properly consulted and listened to throughout. For example, Andrea ensured the salary scale was in line with the candidates’ expectations before putting her forward.

The interview was the candidates first in 13 years. Andrea soon put her at ease as she was quite anxious.
“Insure Recruitment had more confidence in me than I had in myself!”

The candidate was interviewed remotely using Teams. Andrea offered preparation support so if the candidate needed assistance, she could call Andrea at any time for help.

Other agencies also contacted her. One responded when she applied for a position they were handling. As it was for the company the candidate had been made redundant from, she didn’t pursue it. A further two agencies didn’t succeed in identifying opportunities.

By comparison, Andrea’s service was superb. She presented the candidate with a specific opportunity that was a perfect match.

The candidate comments, “The service I got from Insure Recruitment was always exceptional: friendly, professional and fantastic. I am happy to give them 10 out of 10. It was spot-on!”

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