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Questions that will help you win your perfect next role

Do you ever wish you had some smart, searching and sensible questions for that part of the interview where you are offered the chance to grill your interviewer(s)?

Our team often help candidates who appreciate how important this aspect of your interview is towards helping you secure your perfect next role.

Not only is it a brilliant chance to glean a little bit more about the culture of the insurance or financial services firm you are applying to, the people you will be working with and the role you are targeting. It is also an unmissable opportunity for you to help your interviewer(s) build an even more appealing picture of you as a potential new hire and colleague.

It is essential you invest some time in preparing a few zinging questions that will impress – as well as revealing useful insights and information!

To help you, our team have compiled a few queries that we always find are successful at doing both.

One final word: be discerning with the questions you use – above all, be aware that some of them may have been answered during the course of the interview! So, ask wisely!


Questions that will help you get a feel for the company and its culture:

  1. What is a typical day like at your company?
  2. What are the firm’s core values?
  3. What are the company’s goals?
  4. What do you [the interviewer] like most about working for [company name]?
  5. How does the company measure success?
  6. Does the company have specific measures in place to encourage and support mentorship?
  7. How is the company encouraging and supporting diversity and inclusion?


Questions about the team and its dynamics:

  1. How does your team’s strategy incorporate or meet the firm’s values?
  2. How does the team fit into the bigger picture of helping the firm achieve its goals?
  3. What skills gaps do you currently have in the team?


Questions to help you understand more about the role:

  1. If I was offered the role, what does a working day currently look like, as we are in lockdown/dealing with the pandemic?
  2. What are the most challenging aspects of the role?


Questions to help you understand how good a fit you are:

  1. Do you have any concerns about me at this stage?
  2. What challenges do people in this role commonly encounter?
  3. What skills are you looking for in this role?


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