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Get all your eggs in one basket this Easter!

There’s lots in our bunny’s job basket for you this Easter – so get hunting!

What an eggs-traordinary Easter this has cracked up to be! Despite the lockdown, we are still winning lots of new eggs-citing insurance and financial services opportunities for talented candidates.

So if you are looking for that next great job, use the lockdown time to get yourself in eggs-cellent shape for a job hunt. Come on: hop to it!

First egg: Identify the role you are aiming for

Focus your efforts, use your time and energy wisely and narrow your search to roles you really, really want. With our intimate and expansive knowledge of the sector, our consultants will help you.

We currently have a range of exceptional opportunities right now with thriving businesses in Sussex

Second egg:

An eggs-ceptional CV

Your CV is essential to opening the right doors. Make sure yours absolutely captures your expertise and experience, is completely up to date and is mistake-free. We can help you perfect your CV to have maximum impact.

Third egg:

Prepare for remote interviews

The lockdown is not over, so you will probably be interviewed remotely.  If you haven’t previously had a video interview, don’t fret – here’s our quick cheatsheet:

Be thoroughly familiar with the technology you will be using and test it. Have pen and paper (and any essential documents) to hand.

Dress professionally: be as smart as if you were interviewing in person, avoid bright colours and distracting, clashing patterns.

Pick a quiet, private, well-lit location, free from possible interruptions. Right now, your choices may be limited, so alert your interviewer if there may be some background noise.

Think about the backdrop and lighting. Depending on what is available, white backgrounds are cleanest but a warm feature – a bookcase, for example – will add gravitas. Strong light on your face is essential but if that is not possible, you’ll need a good source of natural light. Avoid backlighting!

Body language is vital to making a strong first impression: sit central to the camera, make eye contact and use appropriate hand gestures throughout. We strongly advise practising beforehand!

For a full overview on how to ace a remote interview,

or contact us for coaching. We’ll get you ready for your close up!

Big egg: 

Have great help!

The right consultants will save you time, help focus your energies and resources and ensure you are properly prepped ahead of interviews. Our team has an outstanding track record of placing candidates in their dream job: over 93% are thriving in the roles we placed them a year ago.

Final egg:

Prepare! This is NOT the time to wing it

The interview is your chance to show why you are perfect for the role and how you will add value to their team and organisation.

Thoroughly research the target company.

Rehearse your experience and expertise – and how that will be invaluable to your target employer – in front of a mirror until you feel it flows smoothly.

Finally, give some thought to questions you might get and rehears a couple of answers.

You now have everything you need in your basket for the job hunt ahead. Good luck and have a wonderful Easter from all of us at Insure Recruitment.
For eggs-cellent job opportunities, further information and  helpful job hunting tips, visit our blog page on our website.
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