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Rejected? Don’t be dejected! Our guide to handling rejection will get you right back on track

No-one likes rejection. And when your career is at stake, “no” can seem the hardest word.

But don’t let it!

Allow yourself a moment to be disappointed but don’t be downhearted and don’t stop persevering.

Follow our guide to handling rejection and pick yourself right back up. Dust off the “no” and come back stronger until you get to “yes”.


Don’t take it personally

Potential employers are looking for specific qualities, experience and cultural fit.

They are not thinking about ‘you’, so don’t take the rejection as a personal slight. You won’t grow from the experience, you will damage your jobhunting momentum and you may even create a difficult atmosphere ruling out that employer in future.

Remember: this just wasn’t the right opportunity for you. That’s all.


Show your quality

Don’t burn any bridges! How you behave right now is important. This door might no longer be open to you now but others may be later.

Be professional. Thank the company for the opportunity, wish them success and express your interest in future roles. Send a short, polite email to the individuals you met – or initiate a connection on LinkedIn.

Don’t jeopardise tomorrow’s opportunities because you are disappointed with rejection today.


Face your fear

Rejection is an excellent opportunity to learn. So ask the question: why weren’t you offered the job?

There are many reasons why candidates aren’t successful – and some will be outside your control.

But if the decision came down to gaps in your experience or how you presented yourself, then you can use this knowledge to become a stronger candidate next time.



Give yourself the space to process this development.

Take on board any feedback and let yourself absorb learning points. Use that information and what else you have learned from the experience to hone your search further.

Challenge yourself: are you targeting the right positions and companies? Reach out and discuss the news with your network or your mentor. Once you have accepted it and understand it, then move forward. Onward and upward!



If the employer (or recruiter) is willing to provide you with feedback, listen.

Above all, don’t challenge them. You won’t change their minds and you might prevent yourself from hearing how to succeed next time.

If you don’t agree with the feedback, keep your head high and thank them for the feedback. Then plan how you will be more persuasive about your experience or more demonstrative of your qualities at future interviews.


Keep calm and let Insure Recruitment handle it!

Our specialist recruiters are experts in reducing your chances of rejection.

You won’t waste time on unrealistic prospects as we help you focus on the exciting opportunities that are right for you.

We screen rigorously, so you will only advance for the vacancies for which you are a very strong candidate.

You will go to interviews fully prepared and primed as we will run through scenarios and ensure you have as much relevant background information as possible.

Although we reduce the likelihood, rejection does sometimes happen. But with us, you aren’t dealing with it alone. We work together: guiding you through feedback and helping you use that information to identify better opportunities and be an even stronger candidate.


If at first you don’t succeed…

You aren’t back to square one. Because now you can incorporate everything you have learned from the experience into making your next application even stronger.

Use this new knowledge and our library of helpful blogs full of jobhunting tips to help you find your perfect next job.

Because one thing’s for certain: the job that is meant for you will not pass you by!



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