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Worried about redundancy? Hope for the best, prepare NOW for the worst

It is always smart to be prepared. Nowadays it is essential.

Redundancy is not a pleasant prospect, in fact it can be incredibly stressful and make you feel [hopeless].

But don’t worry – you CAN take control!

There are lots of sensible and practical steps that will put you in the best possible position, if you are let go. Here are our top tips:

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1. Get your name out there

Register now with recruitment agencies and on job boards. The sooner you’re connecting with agents, the better your chances of finding a job and the stronger your employment position.

It is also a great way for appreciating your true value – you might even find your next dream role, regardless of redundancy!

2. Time to dust off the CV

Give yourself this time to thoroughly polish up your CV.

It will be easier to use your current working days to form the content, making it more relevant and impactful. Start making a note of your daily tasks, problems you resolve, areas of specific expertise.

Think carefully about where you would add real value to an employer.

Give some thought also to areas or accomplishments that demonstrate how you have grown – as an employee, colleague, collaborator … and a person.

3. What do you want; do you really, really want?

Invest some time in considering carefully the jobs you want to apply for. If you know exactly what you are looking for, it will help keep your search focused.

It will also be very useful to agents if they are as specifically briefed as possible.

You will also be a much more focused candidate if you are pursuing an opportunity that you really want.

4. Get connecting on social media

If you have neglected your social media platforms, now is the moment to address that.

Make sure you healthcheck any posts and photos that are public.

Think about how potential employers might regard your posts and delete anything that might paint you in a less than glowing light.

Check that your LinkedIn profile is strong, recent and relevant. Start posting and sharing posts that give viewers the chance to see your commitment and professionalism.

See our recent bog on how social media can be your best jobhunting friend.

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5. Network to get work

If you have trusted advisors or mentors, this would be an excellent time to sound them out, Their advice and contacts will be invaluable to helping you focus your search and access opportunities.

If you don’t then think about your networks of friends and relations. Reach out to those you feel will be good for advice or contacts, or strong listeners who you can confide in or use as sounding boards.

6. Don’t burn bridges!

Remain fully committed – definitely if you are worried about being made redundant and especially if you are actually made redundant.

Maintain your usual strong work ethic and professionalism with your current colleagues and employer. The more constructive you are right now, the higher the reputation you leave on.

Most industries are tight-knit and if you start shirking off or abusing goodwill in the office, others will find out about it. Your career path may at some point lead you to a colleague’s door or back to the firm that is letting you go. The more elegant your behaviour now, the better those future chances.

The only way IS up

So, it is an unpleasant thought. But if you approach it with a plan, with strategies and with an optimistic mindset, you might just find that rather than see your career boosted, not busted.

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