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How to win your perfect job – in the worst of times (part 2)…

As we enter a second national lockdown, the insurance and financial services sectors haven’t been hit by the full economic impact of the Covid-19 coronavirus. We still have lots of opportunities for talented candidates specialising in these sectors. (Log onto our candidate dashboard for further details for exciting and unmissable roles available right now.)

In our blog a couple of weeks ago, we addressed how you can get yourself in the best position to boost your career – even in the worst of times. We explained how you target the opportunities which offer you the best chance of success and the factors to take into account when considering a change of career direction or horizontal move. We also advised how you can identify those key transferable skills which will open surprising new doors to you.

We also hinted at other ways to get yourself primed. Now, in this blog, we reveal more details. Read on and become a winning candidate – whatever the economic weather…


Team YOU!

If you are going to truly shine as a candidate, you need to boost your self-belief. This is your process, so stop comparing yourself to – and ignore the aspirations of  – anyone else. Start honing in on what makes you unique and what proves your quality.

Take a proper look at everything you have achieved and realise just how much you have to offer. (It will be more than you think!) Remember the challenges you have overcome and understand that now is the time to give yourself some proper credit.

Be your own cheerleader. Acknowledge your wins and personal successes on a daily basis. Maybe write yourself little uplifting notes, send yourself cheerful texts or tell yourself how great you are in the mirror.

If you truly believe in yourself, you will also believe that you will bring added value to your perfect next role. What’s more, you will also persuade recruiters!


A CV for the 21stC…

In the brave new world of the internet, your CV can go further and faster. But if you want to to go higher, make sure your CV is algorithm-enticing.

In layman’s terms: if you want to be found, you need to sprinkle some breadcrumbs – in the form of keywords – throughout your CV before sending it into the virtual yonder.

Look at current job descriptions to pick out the keywords which will ensure you appear in executive searches for the roles you want.

Our consultants are CV wizards! We will help you pack your CV with enough opportunity fishing keywords for even the most discriminating algorithm!

(For more essential tips on creating a killer CV, see our earlier blog.)


Plug the skills gap

Evaluate regularly if you have skills gaps which prevent you progressing along your preferred career path. If you can fill these gaps, then you will increase your chances of advancement, regardless of market conditions.

The wealth of resources both online and on paper makes upskilling (or ‘betterment’ in old speak) possible for everyone. Some sources are free but you will need to pay for others. Discuss your skills gaps with your line manager – in some cases your company may pay or sponsor you to plug them. (NB: Some companies require you to refund the cost of a course should you leave within a set time period.)


Build your brand

If you are a regular reader of our blogs, this is going to look familiar!

Social media presence, particularly LinkedIn, is expected nowadays and most recruiters will look at your profile page. You need to make sure your online presence appeals to potential employers. Clearly demonstrate your expertise and experience. Your page should project you as a motivated professional invested in your sector.

Make time daily (at best) or weekly (at worst) to keep your profile relevant, up to date and full of thoughtful articles, reposts or comments.

For advice on how to ensure your brand is hitting the right notes, see our previous blog.


Interview preparation

Remote interviews were increasingly common pre-pandemic. Now they are standard. So if you haven’t been interviewed by video before, make sure you are prepared.

Follow our tips to acing remote interviews and you’ll be more than ready for your close up!

If you need further advice, our consultants are the experts – so call them or email them today! (Contact details below.)


Be mindful of yourself

Job hunting can be an emotional rollercoaster, so you need to be in the best possible physical and mental shape throughout if you are going to truly shine.

Eat healthily, maybe tone down your booze intake, get proper sleep, work on your fitness and make sure you are being kind to yourself.

We advise all our candidates how to get yourself fighting fit for a jobseeking campaign. Discover our essential tips and boost your mind and body as well as your career!


Keep calm and sign up with Insure Recruitment

Our friendly, hardworking and highly experienced team have helped candidates boost their careers through many previous economic storms. We are therefore perfectly placed to help you navigate the choppiest jobhunting waters.

To understand more about these crucial tips, and for further advice on how to find your perfect job – regardless of the market conditions – contact us today using the form below.

Sign up now with our candidate dashboard to see our exciting current vacancies; or contact us on 01483 668700 or We will help make your job hunt plain sailing – whatever the market conditions.

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