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Want your CV to grab recruiters’ attention? We show you how…

Write a CV that will take you to the top of the ‘yes’ pile… Whenever you are writing to persuade or impress: consider your audience. Think of the exhausted recruiter who has to sift through hundreds of waffling CVs. Help them to notice yours! Your CV must be easy to read, comprehensive and concise. Above […]

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Write a winning cover letter

The cover letter is your first proper opportunity in the recruitment process to really distinguish yourself – so it is crucial that you make the strongest possible impression. Daunting, when you know that the decision maker will be reading hundreds of similar letters. To help you stand out, we have compiled below the essential elements […]

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The bright side of remote working – for both clients and candidates!

It seems like we had barely begun emerging from lockdown before the threat of a second lockdown loomed large. Now, as the UK combats regional spikes with local lockdowns and we head towards the virus-loving seasons of autumn and winter, a second national spike-flattening lockdown is a genuine possibility. Many organisations in the insurance and […]

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Show an interviewer you have the ‘X’ factor. Here’s how

Today’s marketplace is crowded with excellent candidates. You have reached interview stage and have the opportunity to rise above your competition. Think your experience is all you need? Wrong! Your innate, intangible qualities will make enormous impact. What are these distinguishing skills? And how can you demonstrate them in a time-limited, confined situation? To help […]

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Has lockdown been unkind to your body and mind?

Hurrah! Your world is reopening! Finally – the chance to catch up around a (socially distanced) watercooler and see colleagues and teammates in person rather than across a screen. But don’t get too excited – there could be some unpleasant surprises ahead for you. Here’s a handy guide to being prepared… The lockdown muffintop All […]

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Here we go again? Are we doing enough to gear up for a second spike?

As restrictions relax, we discover the joys of the new normal and the picture is encouraging. Key indicators imply that whilst the worst is behind us, it may be some time until we achieve pre-lockdown levels of recruitment activity. Throughout June, we saw an increase in permanent placements on offer and many of our clients […]

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